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Random questions from all types of valves such as gate, globe, plug, check, butterfly, and more.

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In which type of gate valve the valve disk is threaded internally?

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In the quick-acting start type globe valve disk arrangement, the flow of fluid is against the disk.

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In the Lift type check valve, the valve disk always remains in the flow path.

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A dual plate check valve is known as a butterfly check valve.

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OS & Y Gate Valve is the same as _______.

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The removable and replaceable internal parts of the valve that come in contact with the flow medium are collectively known as valve ____.

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Which trim part of the valve is a pressure-retaining part?

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Which type of bonnet design is used in the high-pressure applications?

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Which type of Globe valve is used in high pressure and other critical services where pressure drop is concerned?

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Identify the type of Valve.

Top-Entry Ball Valve

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When the globe disk closes in the direction of flow, it is known as a quick-acting stop.

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Which valve is used in the flow control loop?

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Which type of gate valve is used in slurry and powder product application?

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________ valve is used in field analog instruments to control flow.

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For a non-rising stem valve, the stem will go up while opening the valve and move down when you close the valve.

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The ______ connects the actuator and disk in the valve.

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A valve may have multiple seats to provide the seating surface for the disk.

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A valve is used in a piping system for the following reasons. Select all correct.

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Which of the following valve can be used to stop, start, and regulate the fluid flow?

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___________ of the valve body is used when pigging is required in the pipeline.

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Select the correct type of disk in the Gate valve.

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_________is similar to the globe valve in design.

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Gate Valve can be used as a control valve.

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Which type of disk design in the globe valve provides better throttling?

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Which type of the Butterfly valve is placed between pipe flanges, and the flange bolts surround the valve body.

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