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_______ pump is useful when handling a large amount of fluid with very little pressure head.

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The multistage pump design is used for ______.

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The closed impeller is used in the service with particles.

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Cavitation is responsible for a high sound and vibration in the pump.

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________ type of pump coupling is regularly used in a pump as it can compensate for some amount of both radial and axial misalignment.

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Which part of centrifugal pump transfer energy from the motor to the fluid?

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The function of the pump shaft is to transfer the drive energy to the fluid.

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A Centrifugal pump converts kinetic energy into the pressure head of the liquid.

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The only difference between OH3 and OH4 types API 610 pump is the use of a rigid coupling method in OH4 compared to flexible coupling in OH3.

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__________ type of pump is used to inject a small fixed volume of liquid in a Chemical dosing skid?

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